Fashion Styling . Art Direction .
Costume Design . Red Carpet and Events



Dani Morales isa New York Citybased FashionStylist

Clients Include:

Centry 21 Stores, Jasmine Chong, Footwear Plus, ONA by Yoon Chung, AT&T Wireless, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Pepsi, Nickelodeon,

Collaborated on teams for:

Vogue Italia, Blanc , Cosmopolitan , Grazia , Design Scene , Lucy's , Dew , Pap, ,

Growing up in Seattle Dani was influenced by an influx of constant musical, design and artistic exposure as a young child. After spending years in Los Angeles Dani developed a keen aptitude for visual story telling through her work in the film industry. Her esthetic to styling rotates from a simplistic approach to classic style sprinkled with a sense of mischief and humor. Her inability to stay in one place for too long has taken her to work all over the country and exposed her to all walks of life and culture. Her fashion and art provide the perfect way to express her unique opinions and ever expanding curiosity. Currently Dani works as Fashion Editor for Trade-show Magazine Footwear Plus as well as freelance Fashion Stylist and Art Director for various clients in Advertising. In 2018 she launched an Image Consulting branch of her business called SMALL VANITIES which works with personal branding content.